teachingQuantitative Analysis

Graduate Programme in Sociology, SOCI6112, first half of a full year course
The course focuses on the use of regression models to analyze surveys and other social data. Assuming no prior background, it covers the statistical basics, model building strategies, model assumptions and the interpretation of results.

Sociological Research Methods

Undergraduate Program in Sociology, SOCI2030, full year course
This foundation course, presented in two related parts, deals with questions of how sociological knowledge is attainable both in principle and in practice, and provides the student with a general introduction to both qualitative and quantitative methods in social research.

Everyday in the Metropolis: Fieldwork Studies in Toronto

Undergraduate Program in Sociology, SOCI4055, full year course
This ethnographic course explores various features of urban life in Toronto which characterize the metropolis as it appears to diverse categories of its users (multicultural residents, tourists, practitioners of urban occupations, politicians and planners). Students are required to make observations in Metro Toronto.

International Migration: Immigration, the State and Transnationalism

Undergraduate Program in Sociology, SOCI4390, half year course
This course introduces theoretical perspectives on transnational migration, focusing on immigrant incorporation, citizenship, the host state, relations with the home state/community and transnationalism. Comparative material from various regions may be used.

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